Who is Tamara D. Brown?



Minister Tamara Brown was born in Jackson, Michigan and reared in Hartford, Connecticut and Lansing, Michigan. During her childhood, many family members and friends recognized her ability to inspire others through her speaking and writing. These gifts would serve her well later in life, as she realized her calls to prophecy, teaching, and exhortation.

At the age of nineteen, she became a single parent. Feeling like she’d reached a dead-end, she sought a greater sense of direction and purpose in life. This search led her to accept Christ as her personal Savior. Shortly thereafter, in 1984, she and her young daughter moved to Baltimore, Maryland, where she acknowledged the call to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Since her official ordination in 1992, Minister Tamara has served her local fellowships in a variety of capacities, including as a bible study teacher, a Head Intercessor, the President of the Women’s Fellowship, and an Elder. She has preached in various cities at churches, retreats and women’s detention centers. She has also served as a mentor to single mothers, women coping with the aftermath of abortion, survivors of abuse, and aspiring ministers. In addition, Minister Tamara conducts leadership training classes, assisting leaders and pastors and equipping their staff.

In 1995, she established Well of Life Ministries. Initially, Well of Life focused solely on meeting the needs of women; however, after much prayer, Minister Tamara discovered that, not only was she called to women, she was also destined to serve the Body of Christ internationally. The vision was restructured and the name was changed from Well of Life Ministries to The Well Report.

In 1999, she debuted the Well of Life radio broadcast, a 30-minute teaching which aired in regions of Maryland, DC, and Virginia.

She resides in Baltimore, Maryland and is currently writing a memoir and a leadership training manual.


3 thoughts on “Who is Tamara D. Brown?

  1. Sister there is no words that I can find in any language that will properly express how proud and happy I am for you. These words come the closes “I Love You” God Bless You!!!!!

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