Resurrection to Renaissance: Whatever happened to?

Ever read a nonfiction book and wonder what happened to some of the people featured?  I have.  For the readers who’ve seen this series through to the end, I thought I would take a few minutes to update you on some of the folks we discussed.

My Daughter

She is alive and well and the mother of a 9-month-old daughter. Also, she was finally able to finish graduate school. She is now an adjunct professor in Creative Writing. My daughter and granddaughter are the reasons I felt the need to tell my story. After a long season of not having answers, I needed to leave as a legacy the treasures I discovered in the dark places.

Proverbs 13:22 says: A good man leaveth an inheritance, to his children’s children: and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.

Job 27:16-17 says: Though he heap up silver as the dust, and prepare raiment as the clay; He may prepare it but the just shall put it on, and  the innocent shall divide the silver.

I wholeheartedly believe that my descendants will benefit from the financial blessings that my ex husband and I were set to receive.

Not only should  the inheritance we leave consist of money; it should also consist of a history of our fight of faith, our obedience, and examples of our need for God’s grace and mercy.

The Mailman

I ran into the kind mailman a couple of times after we had moved out of the house, once at a shopping center and the other time at Billy Graham’s last crusade. “When you had no address, I kept all your mail  on the top shelf in the mail room until we received a forwarding order,” he said one of the times I saw him.  He told me he learned a lot from watching me go through my trials. He, his wife, and family are doing well and continuing to grow in their faith.


Lisa and her family were finally able to move into a lovely home on the outskirts of town.  After her mother suffered a severe heart attack, Lisa made a vow to God.  She told Him if He raised her mother up, she would serve Him.  She kept her promise and has been a committed Christian ever since. She has also developed a friendship with her young daughter.

“You should see her, Tam,” she told me once during a visit to my hometown. “When the adult choir went up to sing one Sunday, she slipped out of the pew and went up there, too.  She stood on the end of the row. She didn’t know all the songs but sung her heart out,” she said beaming with pride.  Lisa said the pastor’s wife told her not to discourage her daughter, so now she is apart of the adult choir at five years old.

Lisa’s young daughter had a story of her own to tell that day.  “Wanna know somebody that can really talk? Her!” she said pointing her thumb to her mom.  “She can talk all the way to Ohio!” she said, shaking her head before skipping away. She was referring to a recent trip the family took to visit relatives.


Karen is still a survivor.  She has gone to the brink of death a few times, always returning stronger than ever.  During a visit home one year, I ran into her. She had just been released from the hospital that day and was attending an outdoor event.  Without saying hello, she walked towards me and said, “I called every pastor I could think of and nobody came.” “I even told one  pastor, ‘You remember, I was a member of your church.’ He didn’t come either. So I just prayed for myself,” she said in a weary voice.  Her coal black eyes locked onto mine as if she expected me to give her an explanation. My eyes welled in tears, as I realized I could not.  I did apologize to her for having gone through that.

A few years after the event, I ran into her again.  Still happily married, she had almost doubled in size and had dyed her hair honey blond. She looked healthier than I’d seen her look in a long time. “Right now, Tam, my only addiction is lollipops and (soda) pop,” she said gleefully, with a lollipop bulging in her cheek.


Chanda is a business woman and prayer warrior. She’s someone I greatly admire. The following winter, after I found out my divorce was final, an old high school boyfriend looked me up and asked me out to dinner. Nervous and excited, I called her. “Well, I wanna get in on this,” she said referring to my upcoming date.  Chanda sent me a love gift, to cover the cost of a day of pampering.

Although I know she never understood my decision to fight my ex husband back, she never brought it up again. We don’t talk as often, as she is busy with her grandchildren, her businesses and helping in her local church.

Chanda will always be near and dear to my heart.

Mrs. Tucker

Mrs. Tucker is  in her early 80s and very active in the Republican party and various women’s auxilliaries. She is now a widow, as Dr Tucker passed away in 1999.  I have seen a recent picture of her.  She is still attractive and stylish. Mrs. Tucker looks at least 10 years younger than her age. I happened to run into her a little while after seeing her in that manager’s meeting.  She had contacted the office I was now working for and needed our help. Gathering the data she needed, I hand delivered it to her office. “Oh, thanks so much, Tam that was very kind of you,” she said in her most pleasant voice.  Others in the building looked on as they remembered our showdown.

One of my former coworkers told me that after she fired me, she continued to mark the calendar, recording my absence.  “One day she even said,’ Oh I hope I hear from Tam.’  We just looked at each other and said,’Somebody needs to tell her that girl ain’t coming back here,” she said as we laughed at Mrs Tucker’s eccentric ways.

It’s my hope that Mrs. Tucker finds her way back to the God she found in her youth.


I am well and glad the Kingdom of God has come unto me. Sometimes, I sit back and think about the day my dark trials began. I wondered why a season of nothingness was necessary. Now I realize that God’s glory is released in the desolate places.

Moses discovered God’s glory on the backside of the mountain; David as he tended his father’s sheep and Paul encountered it in Arabia.

Recently someone posted “You’re in your wealthy place” as their Facebook status. When I read those words my spirit leaped within me.  That statement has been my daily confession and each day, He is prospering my soul.

Brick by brick He is building His kingdom in me. Day by day I want my life to be: fit for a King.


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