Once upon a time…

Once upon a time there was a girl, who was a prisoner in a dungeon. Her cellmates were: Rejection, Sadness, Self loathing, Hurt, Pain, Frustration, Anger,Fear, Rage, Lust, Gluttony, Bitterness, Sexual abuse, Depression, Loneliness, Shame, and Guilt.

They fought night and day in the cell. Not a moments rest could be found in the crowded hovel.

Now she was completely different from her cell mates. She was bright, sensitive, passionate, funny, attractive, spiritual, kind, loving, generous…a natural born leader. If only she knew it…others could peer inside her cell……gazing at her.

She desperately wanted to get out but felt that someone had thrown away the key. Every year she hoped for release, every year she was denied.

With each day her cell mates grew, gorging themselves on prison grub.

“Oh if there was a way out”…she groaned day and night. Unbeknownst to her, her cell mates had scrawled *UN* in front of WORTHY on the back of her prison togs.

One day she visited the prison library. She came across a book but almost passed it by because she didn’t like its cover.

Taking the book back to her cell, she read day and night. Sometimes laughing, sometimes crying.

Now this seemed to confuse and frighten her cell mates.

On the last page of the book was a golden key. One evening in the gooey darkness as her cell mates slept….a bright light beamed on the key causing it to glisten.

“Is this the key to unlock my cell?”, she thought as she ripped the key from the page. She clinched the key with such resolve, her fingers throbbed with pain. Holding on for what seemed like an eternity, she shivered listening to Fear having nightmares as he growled and squirmed on the cot in front of her.

Fear was the ruffian on the cell block. He kept everyone in line. She knew she would have to cross him to get to the prison gate.

Tightening her grip on her key, she rose boldly, creeping over their frigid bodies, she made her way to the prison gate.

Tracing the cold iron bars with her finger, she found the lock. Thrusting her key in the keyhole, she heard a sound unfamiliar to her, she realized it was the sweet sound of freedom.

Slamming the gate behind her, she swallowed her key and lived happily ever after.


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Tamara D. Brown (c) Copyright 2007


4 thoughts on “Once upon a time…

  1. Wow!!! What a tremendous blessing this blog is my sister. So godly proud of you living Christianity and not just talking it! Remain strong in the Lord and in the power of His might…let’s be the light in this hour of the church!

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